Yaron Zilberman to Direct Orson Scott Card’s SONATA

Scott Card’s short story getting film treatment…

Filmmaker Yaron Zilberman, who made his feature debut with 2012s ‘A Late Quartet,’ is to direct a film based on ‘Ender’s Game’ author Orson Scott Card‘s classic sci-fi short story ‘Unaccompanied Sonata,’ says Deadline.

The tale is about “a child who has been brought up to be a musical prodigy, and who is kept away from other musical influences to keep his creative expressions pure. Raised alone in a cabin by servants, he spends his days toiling on a complicated musical instrument.

He eventually, against the wishes of his keepers, is introduced to the music of Bach, and when this is discovered by a “Watcher”, he is uprooted from his composition at the age of thirty, and is then barred by law from ever again making music.

Producers on the film include Nick Wechsler, Zilberman, Chockstone Pictures’ Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz and Opening Night Productions. The title will shortened to ‘Sonata.’