The lowdown on Despicable Me 4

Say “Bello!” to mischief & mayhem, the world’s most lovable supervillain-turned-dad is back to face his biggest challenge yet: domestic life. Gru & family are forced into witness protection after an old nemesis, Maxime Le Mal (played by Will Ferrell) escapes from prison seeking revenge. There’s no shortage of gadgets, gizmos, & giggles as Gru juggles fatherhood,  overzealous neighbours, & a secret mission that could turn the tide of Minion history. 


It has been 14 years since the first ‘Despicable Me’ film debuted on screens in 2010, unleashing the loveable yellow Minions into the world!

The franchise has claimed the title of the most successful animated franchise in cinematic history, having amassed an astonishing $4.6 billion & counting at the box office.

This summer, Steve Carell released a parody video revealing a plan for 100 years’ worth of films, television series, and stage productions starring the Mega Minions. The video was intended as a parody of shared universes such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe & DC Extended Universe, but not gonna lie, we would totally watch 100 new Minion movies!



This summer, the Minions had their very own show garden at the Bord Bia Bloom Festival in Dublin’s Phoenix Park. The lavish garden, which picked up a silver medal, was decked out with fun plants, garden equipment, and landscape features that celebrated all things Minion and yellow. Even President Michael D. Higgins popped along to open the festival, rumours he spent the day partying with the Minions are unconfirmed.

The Minions are helping to promote the Paris 2024 Olympic Games with a series of fun ads, in the first one the lovable mischief-makers interrupt Team USA athletes to the sounds of ‘Jump Around’ by House of Pain (with a Minion twist!). It is a fitting connection given that Illumination’s animation studio is based in the Olympic host city of Paris.

Mega Minions are a new group of superheroes that make their debut in Despicable Me 4. Created as part of an experiment to test out a new super-serum, five minions now have Marvel style super powers, some more useful than others! The Mega Minions are even rumoured to have their own spin off movie coming in 2027! Watch this space!

During the film’s promo tour, Will Ferrell, who plays French villain Maxime Le Mal, stopped doing appearances as himself. Instead he dusted off his Ron Burgundy character from ‘Anchorman’ to do some unexpected interviews as the 70s news anchorman with hilarious results. But why did he want to play a villain with a silly French accent? It was on his bucket list, ‘they go together like peanut butter & chocolate’ he joked!


Director Chris Renaud admits he loves giving audiences a surprise on screen every 10 seconds. “It doesn’t have to be a big twist like in The Sixth Sense, but even subtle surprises are crucial for keeping the audience invested” he shared  “Once viewers can predict the story thirty minutes ahead, we’ve lost them.”

DESPICABLE ME 4 is at cinemas from JULY 12th