Something In The Water – Interview with stars Nicole Reiko Setsuko & Ellouise Shakespeare-Hart

What do you get if you cross ‘Jaws’ with ‘Bridesmaids’? New movie SOMETHING IN THE WATER, from director Hayley Easton Street, might have the answer. The film dives (pun intended) into the nightmare scenario of a picture-perfect getaway gone horribly, horribly wrong. Five best friends head out on a sunshine-filled boat trip to celebrate their friend’s upcoming nuptials. What starts with fruity cocktails and selfie sticks quickly turns into a fight for survival when a giant predator with a serious case of FOMO crashes the party. 

We caught up with the film’s stars Nicole Reiko Setsuko & Ellouise Shakespeare-Hart to find out more about the shoot.

When Meg (Hiftu Quasem, Ten Percent) attends the wedding of old friend Lizzie (Lauren Lyle, Outlander) with fellow pals Cam (Nicole Rieko Setsuko, Eavesdropping), Ruth (Ellouise Shakespeare-Hart, One Four Three), and former partner Kayla (Natalie Mitson, The Larkins), an emotional reunion turns into an epic battle for survival in the Caribbean. SOMETHING IN THE WATER is produced by Julie Baines and written by Cat Clarke.


SOMETHING IN THE WATER is released in cinemas across Ireland 21 June 2024