Meet the makers of Star Wars : Visions

Irish ‘Star Wars’ fans are in for a treat next month in a Galaxy far, far away…. ok Kilkenny, it’s not that far, especially if you travel by X-Wing.  The makers of three different episodes of ‘Star Wars:Visions Season Two’ are attending Kilkenny Animated, a festival of visual storytelling, incorporating cartoons, animation and illustration in a series of exhibitions, talks, performances, workshops and experiences that celebrate the creativity and craft of the visual image. The festival is hosted by twice-Oscar nominated animation studio, Cartoon Saloon and is set against and inspired by the backdrop of medieval Kilkenny at the heart of Ireland’s Ancient East.

Hosted by Screecher’s Reach director, Paul Young (Cartoon Saloon), special guests at the festival include Audio guru and supervising sound editor for the ‘Star Wars:Visions’ series, Mac Smith (Skywalker Sound),  ‘I am Your Mother’ director, Magdalena Osinska (Aardman),  ‘Aau’s Song’ directors, Daniel Clarke and Nadia Darries (Triggerfish),  and ‘Screecher’s Reach’ composer Leo Pearson to discuss the making and the music.


The three episodes being represented by the film-makers are :

Screecher’s Reach – A young girl, seeking reprieve from her days in a rural workhouse, discovers a legendary haunted cave with her friends. The cave’s dark pull will change the trajectory of her life forever.

I am Your Mother: Young pilot Anni, who is embarrassed by her sweet but clingy mum, must team with her for a madcap family race at the academy. Along the way, their relationship is tested by the elements, their old ship, other racers…and each other.

Aau’s Song: An alien child who longs to sing is raised by her loving but stern father to stay quiet because of the calamitous effect her voice has on the crystals in the nearby mines.

Kilkenny Animated is now in its fifth year, and the intimate festival has quickly established itself as one of the key events on the Irish animation calendar. Its charm lies in its ability to cater to audiences of all ages, and the impressive programme promises to be an action-packed weekend for families, students, creative professionals, and the animation-curious!


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