WOLFWALKERS – Irish animation wins rave reviews at Toronto International Film Festival

“Wolfwalkers,” the third animated feature from two-time Academy Award-nominee Tomm Moore (“The Secret of Kells,” “Song of the Sea”) and Ross Stewart, co-produced by Cartoon Saloon and Melusine Productions, has won rave reviews at the 45th Toronto International Film Festival.

Our very own Irish Times has predicted awards glory already, saying it “looks a dead cert for an Oscar nomination”.

While film bible Variety said  “In the decade since “Kells,” it’s not just the technological advances that make Moore’s latest so impressive, but the rapidly changing cultural conversations as well. He brings everything together by borrowing from timeless visual influences, leaving audiences with another stunning artwork for the ages”.

Another stunning review came from Playlist, who said “Not only is ‘Wolfwalkers’ easily the best animated film of the year, but a stirring masterwork, as stunningly gorgeous as it’s philosophically profound. No matter what comes next, Moore and company will forever be among the best artists ever to have graced the medium.”

It wasn’t just the critics who loved the Irish made film, audience members fled to Twitter to leave some of the following feedback.

Watch the trailer for WOLFWALKERS

The highly anticipated animation will arrive in Irish cinemas on October 30th!