Will Farrell is Two Face

Farrell gets serious about Vince Gilliagan’s comedy script.

No, not Batman but trust me – every site will make that joke today! Instead, we’re referring to Ferrell’s latest comedy pic ‘Two Face’.

After years of toying with the project, Will Ferrell is reportedly getting serious about this Vince Gilligan-scripted drama-comedy.

Mark Johnson and Jimmy Miller will produce the pic, having
previously worked together on ‘Home Fries,’ ‘.Gilligan’s more recent
credit is  Sony’s Independence day hit ‘Hancock.’

Ferrell is attached to play the title character, a racist who, after a prank gone awry, develops a split personality.

Ferrell has been intrigued by the script for three years, but the project has gained momentum over the past year.

Johnson and Miller are looking for a director, with an eye toward making the film early next year. Ferrell’s  will next star with Sacha Baron Cohen in the Etan Cohen-scripted comedy about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, which Miller and Judd Apatow will produce.