Stoner comedy lighting up again.

Rawson Thurber (‘Dodgeball’) is in negotiations to take over the director’s chair on ‘We’re the Millers,’ a pot comedy which previously had ‘Sex Drive’ directors and ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ writers Sean Anders and John Morris attached to helm.

On his 30th birthday, a drug dealer decides that he wants out of the business. Deciding to do one more job, he travels down to Mexico and creates a make believe family in order to sneak 1,400 pounds of marijuana back into America.

The project, which has been in development since 2002, has seen its fair share of directors and actors come and go. Before Morris and Anders were brought on, the project was under the direction of Peter Cattaneo (‘The Full Monty’). Will Arnett and Steve Buscemi were linked at various times.