Watson, Oh, Vardalos and Hardin Move to 33 LIBERTY LANE

Actresses sign up for romantic comedy.

Emily Watson (‘War Horse’), Sandra Oh (‘Grey’s Anatomy’), Nia Vardalos (‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’) and Melora Hardin (‘The Office’) are all set to star in the new romantic comedy ’33 Liberty Lane.’

THR says that the plot has the “four down-on-their-luck women turning to telephone sex as a way to make a quick buck. But without much in the way of sexual expertise – their team includes mother and recently dumped wife Brenda (Watson), the 40-year-old virgin Karen (Oh), stalled corporate executive Connie (Hardin) and serial marrier Isabella (Vardalos) – they enlist the services of a local hooker to keep their new erotic business afloat.”

Peter Hewitt (‘Garfield,’ ‘The Borrowers,’ ‘Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey’) is in the director’s chair, helming from a screenplay Canadian writer Stephen Ayres.

Su Armstrong (‘Good Will Hunting’) and Brian Rosen (‘FernGully: The Last Rainforest’) will produce with filming scheduled to kick off in June/July in Winnipeg, Canada.