“We can rebuild him. We have the technology.” Big screen reboot on the way…

Mark Wahlberg, who is currently in cinemas across the country with ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction,’ is reportedly set to take the lead in Universal Pictures’ big screen reboot of popular 70’s television series ‘The Six Million Dollar Man.’

Based on the 1972 novel ‘Cyborg’ by Martin Caidin, the series starred Lee Majors as Steve Austin, an astronaut who is severely injured in a test flight, and is “rebuilt” in an operation that costs six million dollars. His right arm, both legs and the left eye are replaced with “bionic” implants that enhance his strength, speed and vision far above human norms: he can run at speeds of 60 mph, and his eye has a 20:1 zoom lens and infrared capabilities, while his bionic limbs all have the equivalent power of a bulldozer. He uses his enhanced abilities to work for the OSI (Office of Scientific Intelligence) as a secret agent.

According to the folks over at TheTrackingBoard, Wahlberg’s ‘Lone Survivor’ director Peter Berg is on board to produce, with an eye on the director’s chair.

Hollywood has previously attempted to adapt the series to the big screen, the most recent iteration of the project had Leonardo DiCaprio attached to star under the direction of Bryan Singer, but that plan never materialized.