Cancelled series to get the big screen treatment.

‘Veronica Mars’ fans rejoin. A big screen outing of the cult TV series starring Kristen Bell is officially on the way following a very successful Kickstarter campaign.

Yesterday evening the show’s creator Rob Thomas, along with Bell and her former co-stars, Ryan Hansen, Jason Dohring, and Enrico “Rico” Colantoni, launched the ‘Veronica Mars Movie Project’ over on the crowdsourcing site.

Posting a “mini-reunion” video, they announced that their goal was to reach $2 million in 30 days. Within 10 hours, fans of the show — lovingly known within the ‘Veronica Mars’ community as “Marshmallows” – helped reach the goal and more, making it the fastest-growing Kickstarter film campaign ever.

Thomas plans to have the movie before cameras this summer with release set for early 2014. Warner Bros, who own the rights to the property, are on board to help with distribution, marketing, publicity and legal via Warner Bros. Digital Distribution.

A detective mystery series, ‘Veronica Mars’ starred Bell as the titular character, a young sleuth who dedicates her life to cracking the toughest mysteries in the affluent town of Neptune, California. The show ran for three seasons until it was axed in May 2007.

Want to get involved and get your hands on various movie memorabilia? Then head over to the Kickstarter page HERE and donate.