Venom the Movie

Studio Eyeing Spider-Man Spinoff?

Sony is reportedly moving forward with ‘Venom’, a potential ‘Spider-Man’ spinoff.

The studio is developing the project, based on the gooey nemesis who appeared in ‘Spider-Man 3′ with the hope the character could add longevity to the ‘Spider-Man’ franchise in the same way that Wolverine was used for the ‘X-Men’ franchise.

The studio had commissioned a draft of the script from Jacob Estes (Mean Creek), but the studio is considering going in a different direction from Estes’ script and is seeking writers for a new draft.

Topher Grace played the character in the film, but agents have been eyeing the role for their clients, as Sony is not yet convinced the actor can carry a tentpole picture.

Spider-man 4 is expected in cinemas in 2011.