UNDYING LOVE – Carnahan in Talks for Graphic Novel Adaptation

Comic adaptation eyes new director.

Mike Fleming over at Deadline has word that ‘The Grey’ helmer Joe Carnahan is in talks with Warner Bros. to write and direct an adaptation of Tomm Coker and Daniel Freedman’s graphic novel ‘Undying Love.’

The official synopsis for the Image Comics title is as follows:

“A horror-action tale, equal parts vampire mythology and Chinese folklore, set in modern day Hong Kong. Ex-soldier John Sargent has fallen for a beautiful Chinese woman named Mei. The only thing keeping the star-crossed lovers apart: Mei’s a vampire. To free Mei from the curse, Sargent sets out to destroy the vampire that made her. The only problem: Mei was turned by one of the most powerful vampires in history…”

Carnahan would be replacing French filmmaker Alexandre Aja (‘Piranha 3D,’ ‘The Hills Have Eyes’) who was previously attached to direct from a screenplay by Coker and Freedman. Aja dropped off the project to move forward with his ‘Horns’ adaptation with Daniel Radcliffe.