Transformers 2 Update

Michael Bay debunks Transformers 2 delay rumour.

Director Michael Bay has debunked remours that production of his latest Transformers sequel has been put in mothballs until its star recovers from a recent accident.

Writing on the film’s website, the veteran director blasted reports that he had planned to put the production into hiatus at a cost of some $200,000 per day while Shia LaBeouf recovered from injuries to his hand and knee. (The hand injury required surgery.)

“The car crash with Shia is unexpected, but we are still filming” Bay said on the film’s website. “The movie has not shut down — there is plenty to do without Shia. The shooting is also going great — I’m having a blast making this movie! Shia will be back soon and we all wish him a fast recovery.”

With no delay mentioned, the sequel to Transformers is expected in Irish cinemas June 26th, 2009.