Trailer – Tom Hardy is on the run in ‘Venom: The Last Dance’

Marvel’s enigmatic anti-hero, Venom returns for one final symbiotic showdown in ‘Venom: The Last Dance’ that promises to close the franchise with a bang, ending the trilogy that featured 2018’s “Venom”and 2021’s “Let There Be Carnage.” 

In this new action packed trailer, we see Tom Hardy return as twitchy journalist Eddie Brock, questioning (and with Venom’s help, devouring) a team of armed antagonists, after which bigger issues are afoot. Venom discovers that creatures from his homeworld have found him on Earth, leading to the symbiotes invading, putting the entire human race under threat of extinction. “We may not make it out of this alive, buddy,” Hardy warns Venom, as the trailer ends, leaving us hungry for more!


VENOM: THE LAST DANCE is at Irish cinemas from Oct 25th