Trailer Talk The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Roll up, roll up and be amazed! presents the latest trailer for The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus is one of the most highly anticipated films of the year. Although the troubled shoot, with the tragic death of leading man Heath Ledger was the main talking point at first, this exciting new trailer should put the focus squarely back on the film itself! The film tells the story of a travelling showman who made a deal with the devil who then comes to claim his prize; the Doctor’s 16 year old daughter. It promises to be another Gilliam triumph. The film is released later this year so in the meantime we have a close look at the latest trailer:

Tom Waits?!?!

Hang on a sec! Isn’t that Tom Waits? In an abrupt turnaround from keeping the Devil way down in the hole, the celebrated crooner actually turns up as Satan himself. And from what we can see here he is effectively sinister with just the right amount of sleaziness.

The Lovely Lily

Model and all round smarty pants Lily Cole plays the Doctor’s daughter, Valentina. It remains to be seen how her acting is (her CV isn’t the best; St. Trinians anyone?) but she certainly looks the part. Her flame locks and unusual features fit perfectly into this bizarre world.

Ledger’s Legacy?


What’s most exciting about the trailer is that the late Heath Ledger features large in it as Tony; from the looks of things more footage was put in the can before his tragic death than we had thought! Here we see Ledger with Verne Troyer as Percy.

The Imaginarium of Terry Gilliam

If we’ve learnt anything from Terry Gilliam’s back catalogue is that the man has one of the greatest imaginations in the business. This colourful landscape is a perfect example. Ledger romps his way around what looks like a gigantic shoe box!

Tony:  Version 2.O

As is well known, Gilliam was able to continue filming after Ledger’s death thanks to some cunning plotting and the help of several other actors. Here we see Tony’s first transformation: into Johnny Depp!

Tony as Gaeilge

The second transformation is into Colin Farrell. The white suit (and facial hair) stays the same, but the man in it is decidedly different. Whether or not Tony suddenly has an Irish accent remains to be seen! Later we see Tony number 3 Jude Law.