Trailer Talk Tales of the Black Freighter

Arrgh, mateys


Last week, brought you news about from the forthcoming Watchmen direct-to-dvd release – “Tales of the Black Freighter”. For all you Watchmen newbies out there, “Black Freighter” is Watchmen’s infamously renowned, infamously bleak comic-within-a-comic yarn about an Englishman who washes up on a deserted island and must make his way back home.

Over the weekend, the first official trailer for the DVD hit the interweb and if it is anything to go by we can expect the meta-comic to live up to its “black” title.  We’re particularly excited about this project because of the two talented directors helming this adaptation – animator Mike Smith (Tank Girl, 1001 Nights) and designer/filmmaker Daniel DelPurgatorio.

We’ll have to wait till after “Watchmen” to check out the DVD with “Tales Of The Black Freighter” hitting shelves on April 6th in DVD and Blue-ray format. It runs for 26-minutes, the DVD also includes a 36-minute pseudo-documentary looking at Nite Owl’s autobiography, Under The Hood.  Check out the trailer and some selected stills from the trailer below:










What do you think of the trailer? Should Zack Snyder have included “Black Freighter” in the feature film? Remarks, rebukes and your swashbuckling suggestions wanted in comment area below!