Tom Hardy coming to Dublin For Bronson Screening

Jameson Dublin International Film Festival announces another guest

Actor Tom Hardy will be in town this weekend for the Screening of “Bronson” (14th Feb @ 6:30pm, Screen Cinema)

Winding Refn’s portrait of notorious lifer and the UK’s ‘most violent prisoner’, Charles Bronson, is an ambitious and brave attempt to create a biopic of a man who has spent 34 years of his life in prison, and 28 of those in solitary confinement.

Physically transformed, Tom Hardy gives an extraordinarily visceral and psychological performance as Bronson, his laconic voice-over serving as the framework for the Bronson cabaret. In showing the repetitiveness of Bronson’s existence punctuated by finely choreographed violent set pieces, Winding Refn continually brings the focus back to the mundanity of the man and the terror of the myth.