Tobey Maguire for Afterburn

A spoiled and beautiful young pop singer wanders across Paris while awaiting the results of a medical test that may show she has cancer.

Spiddy’s Tobey Maguire is attached to produce “Afterburn,”  the latest in a series of comicbook adaptation, Variety reports.


The post-Apocalyptic project, begins one year after a solar flare burns half of the planet, when treasure hunters go back the scorched portion to retrieve valuable artifacts.Paul Ens and Scott Chitwood wrote the comic.


Although it has not yet been confirmed, it is presumed Maguire will also star in the upcoming film.


TIDBIT: Maguire almost couldn’t do Spider-Man 2 after having severe back pains at the end of shooting Seabiscuit. Jake Gyllenhaal was already in talks to replace him and had already begun preparation.