Thomas Jane Joins Sylvester Stallone for HEADSHOT

Jane, Stallone and Walter Hill!

Thomas Jane (‘Hung,’ ‘The Punisher’) will star opposite Sylvester Stallone in the Walter Hill-directed ‘Headshot.’ The actor confirmed the news during a JoBlo’s ‘ Arrow in the Head’ Podcast.

The movie sees a New Orleans hitman teaming with an NYPD detective to “take on all who stand in their way,” and the pair “are willing to sacrifice everything to exact revenge.” Jane will play the NYPD detective with Stallone taking the role of hitman.

“He’s a hitman, I’m a cop, and we’re just opposite in every f*cking way, and we need each other to get this job done. And of course I’m like, ‘As soon as this job’s over, I’m going to take you to jail, you know, you’re a killer.'” says Jane of his character.

Last week it was revealed that Hill was brought in to replace Wayne Kramer (‘The Cooler,’ ‘Running Scared’). A script penned by Alessandro Camon (‘The Messengers’) is currently undergoing rewrites by Hill.

Production begins this year in New Orleans, and is based off of the graphic novel by Alexis Nolent.