The OG Ghostbusters crew (Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd & Ernie Hudson) team up with the Spengler family at the iconic New York firehouse, which is now a high-tech ghost-busting HQ.

Their gadgets are put on ice when an ancient artefact unleashes a chilling villain, threatening a second ice age. Can the new and old Ghostbusters work together to bust some ghosts, and stop the world from turning into a giant ice pop?


2024 marks 40 years since those iconic proton packs first fired up in 1984’s original Ghostbusters film. The franchise has spawned five feature films & two animated TV shows so far.

Three of the original Ghostbusters return for this new film. Sadly Harold Ramis who played Egon passed away in 2014, so former receptionist Janine Melnitz (Annie Potts) has donned his proton pack and has been promoted to the 4th Ghostbuster.

While the 80’s saw two hugely successful ‘Ghostbusters’ movies we never got a 3rd movie until recently. Dan Aykroyd did write a script for a third film in the early 90s, titled ‘Ghostbusters III: Hellbent’. True to its name, it would have sent the Ghostbusters to hell.

This film was shot under the working title of ‘Ghostbusters : Firehouse’ , named after the original Ghostbusters HQ in New York. The iconic building is currently in use by the NY fire department, so for its long-awaited return in ‘Ghostbusters Frozen Empire’ the HQ was meticulously recreated over 3 floors at Shinfield studios in the UK.

Many of the new ghosts seen in Frozen Empire are influenced by ‘The Real Ghostbusters’ animated series, which ran from 1986 to 1991, director Gil Kenan was inspired by the “wild, original and weird-as-f**k villains” that appeared in the cartoon & wanted to bring them to the big screen.

Ghostbuster’s isn’t director Gil Kenan’s first brush with the supernatural, his first job was a stage hypnotist’s assistant. He joked that the shows success usually depended on how drunk the crowd were.

Not only is the iconic Stay Puft Marshmallow Man back in ‘Ghostbusters Frozen Empire’ but the creative force behind the gelatinous icon is also returning. Seasoned creature maker Billy Bryan, known for his work on projects like ‘Child’s Play’ & ‘Army of Darkness,’ designed, fabricated & even wore the original marshmallow suit on screen. We’re excited to see him bring an updated version of the confectionary menace to life.

In 2021, The Buffalo Ghostbusters asked fans from all around the world to raise money for a new full-size replica Ghostbusters sign, which it later donated to the firehouse.[7] The sign now prominently hangs outside year-round, above the main entrance, and is visited often by fans. This has led to an annual fundraiser, with a celebration at the firehouse planned each year in early June to coincide with “Ghostbusters Day.

Dan Aykroyd’s family weren’t afraid of no ghosts, they practically helped write his scripts. Dan’s great-grandfather held séances in their living room to try communicate with the supernatural. And, his father, Peter Aykroyd, was an engineer by day and a ghost enthusiast by night who co-authored a book on the subject, “A History of Ghosts.” No wonder “Ghostbusters” was such a hit – it was practically a family memoir with slime thrown in!

Director Gil Kenan spent weeks on location on the streets of New York filming a wild inter-borough ghost chase that features the biggest ghost we’ve ever seen in the ‘Ghostbusters’ franchise, the fearsome Hell’s Kitchen Sewer Dragon.

GHOSTBUSTERS FROZEN EMPIRE is at Irish cinemas from March 22nd