THE EVIL DEAD Remake Adds Jessica Lucas and Elizabeth Blackmore

Two more sign up for the franchise reboot.

Heat Vision reports that ‘Cloverfield’ actress Jessica Lucas and newcomer Elizabeth Blackmore (‘Legend of the Seeker’) are set to join Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez and Lou Taylor Pucci on the cast of ‘The Evil Dead.’

The new take on Sam Raimi’s cult classic follows Mia (Levy), a young woman recovering from a recent overdose, who heads to a remote cabin with her estranged brother and a group of friends. There they discover of a Book of the Dead that unleashes demons they can’t control.

Lucas will play Mia’s best friend, who is also a nurse. While Blackmore will taking the role of Fernandez’s fiancée, who is new to the group.

Production is due to start April in New Zealand with Fede Alvarez (‘Ataque de pánico!’) in the director’s chair.