The Beatles Undead

Zombie Beatles for the big screen?

The Beatles are to return to the big screen, this time as zombies!

Stacey Sher and Michael Shamberg, partners at Double Features, have optioned the rights to Alan Goldsher’s novel, Paul is Undead.

In the story, written as an oral history, Lennon is a zombie who infects McCartney, Harrison, and Starr. They leave a string of hits, as well as dead fans, across the globe, with England’s most notorious vampire hunter, Mick Jagger, hot on their trail. Sher recently commented on what attracted her to the story:

“I am a huge Beatles fan like the rest of the world and Alan’s mash up, which really showcases his love of music history and his appreciation of the zombie world, is a fun, funny read. The illustrations are fantastic, and how can you not love a book where Jesus agrees with Zombie, John Lennon, that the Beatles are in fact bigger than him? We will be going out to studios, financiers, and talent soon.”