Terence Davies to Direct MOTHER OF SORROW

Davies to direct adaptation of award-winning novel.

British screenwriter and director Terence Davies, who most recently directed the 1950s-set melodrama ‘The Deep Blue Sea,’ is developing a big screen adaptation of Richard McCann’s 2005 novel ‘Mother of Sorrows.’

McCann’s novel consists of ten interwoven stories about two gay teenage brothers dealing with the death of their father and the influence of their strong, complex mother.

‘Mother of Sorrows’ won the John C. Zacharis First Book Award and was nominated for the Stonewall Book Award for gay fiction.

Talking to Variety, Davies said, “This is an important story because it touches the humanity in all of us. I love the delicacy of the book and its gentle odyssey from post-WWII optimism for the American Utopia to a deeper understanding of both maternal and filial love and an acceptance of mortality by surrendering to the light.”