Susanne Bier Set for THIS BEAUTIFUL LIFE

Adaptation of the 2011 novel in the works.

It has been announced Susanne Bier (‘Brothers,’ ‘After the Wedding,’ ‘In a Better World’) is attached to direct an adaptation of Helen Schulman’s 2011 novel ‘This Beautiful Life’ for Killer Films and Glass Elevator Media.

With Schulman on board to pen the screenplay, the story begins when a salacious video is sent to fifteen-year-old Jake Bergamot and goes viral. The young boy’s family soon becomes embroiled in a digital scandal which threatens to destroy them.

Pam Koffler, President of Killer Films said: “We are thrilled to find in Glass Elevator partners who are devoted to bringing important, timely and entertaining stories to screens of any size. Helen’s book is exactly the kind of material we love -intelligent, complex, but at its core, emotional and universal. As parents, we are all searching for a roadmap to navigate the digital space with our kids. The issues of family never change; it’s the landscape in which they unfold that does. This is a story for our times.”

Schulman added: “I am so excited to be working with Pam and Christine at Killer, whose films I have long admired, and very pleased that Glass Elevator has come on board–a terrific team. Susanne Bier is a first-rate director and when we met I felt like she truly understood my book and the flawed, blinded-by-love characters in it. It will be an honour to work with her.”