Steve Coogan Confirms Alan Partridge Film Aha

Comedian Steve Coogan talks about the long awaited Alan Partridge movie

An Alan partridge film has been talked about ever since the popular tv series finished in 2002. Two years ago details of a film plot were leaked in the Times newspaper, revealing a plot where Partridge’s latest comeback would be thwarted when Middle Eastern terrorists storm the BBC offices.

Today in an interview with BBC’s Newsbeat, Coogan confirmed rumours and added a little more information on the project.


Below is a small transcript of the interview


Q: Do you have plans to make an I’m Alan Partridge movie?

Yeah, we are planning on making a movie. We’re talking at the moment. What it is we’re not quite sure. But yes, there are plans afoot to make a film.


Q: Have you got a storyline yet?

We have but I’m not going to tell you what it is.

Q: What about the original cast members?

Some of them, hopefully. We’ll see. I’ve got to sit down and decide what it is yet. People who like the TV series won’t be disappointed.


Q: Are you worried about making Alan Partridge funny in a feature-length film rather than just in a normal half-hour TV show?

That’s a very good point. That’s just something you need to be aware of. You need to be aware of that and it might mean you readdress the character, make him slightly more subtle or build up to it in a different way. But that’s certainly something that’s going to be on our minds but I think Alan is complex enough to sustain something longer.


Previously Alan Partridge co-creator Armando Iannucci (who recently directed ‘In The Loop’), admitted that he never wanted to be involved in any Alan Partridge movie, stating “Steve wants to do an Alan Partridge film, but I couldn’t bear to go through that again. For me, the idea of spending two more years in a room with that voice is more than I can take.”


Watch this space for more news on the Alan Partridge movie.