Star Trek Goes Star Wars

Chris Pine reveals influence for Kirk role in upcoming film ‘Star Trek’

Chris Pine who is playing Captain James T. Kirk in Lost creator J.J Abrams upcoming ‘Star Trek’ has a rather surprising method of trying to fill in the black hole left by the iconic performances of William Shatner. Pine has commented that in seeking inspiration for Kirk, he won’t be turning to Star Trek but instead Star Wars’ Han Solo. The news will no doubt shock Trekkies out there, who it seems were already in up roar at the shake up to the franchise (and more recently the change of date from December ’07 to Summer ’08).

When asked about the role, Pine responded, “I would definitely say Harrison Ford in either Indiana Jones or Star Wars. What Harrison Ford is so great at doing is bringing that quality to his characters that if they could be anywhere else in the world they would be there, but he is not, he just is in the middle of s*** and he has to figure out a way of dealing with it so that he can go back to doing whatever the hell he was doing before the film started.


“I’ve always loved that quality about him in Star Wars, this sense of absolute grumpy manner; the accidental hero. Not to say that I modeled my version of James T Kirk on anything in particular but I think I definitely have wanted to bring that kind of Harrison Ford humour to Kirk.”


Star Trek is currently filming in L.A .