Star Trek First Screenings Feedback

Fanboy reaction to the new Trek movie

Picture the scene, a bunch of Star Trek fans sit down to a regular screening of THE WRATH OF KHAN at a small cult cinema in Austin Texas, the reel starts to skip and the movie jumps off screen.

Of course there were boos, hisses and popcorn being thrown left right and centre until the producers of the new Trek movie producers Damon Lindelof, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman came on stage. The trio answered fan questions and then introduced a stranger in a trench coat and hat, who turned out to be original Spock actor Leonard Nimoy.

Nimoy was clutching a canister containing the very first print of the new Star Trek movie. Yes the TREK fans who turned up to see the classic from the original franchise, ended up being the first in the World to see the new movie, even before the official premiere in Australia.

And what did the fans think of the film? Here are some snippets gathered from Twitter

rodneydp: Yeah, that Star Trek 2 screening turned out to be the premiere of JJ Abrams’ Star Trek. Seriously, I cannot believe how good it was.

chinesedentist: says OMG I just got back from Star Trek and it was AMAZING. The best Star Trek movie ever. Yes, it even bests Wrath of Khan. Believe me.

ColeAbaius: I’m the guy who’s never seen an episode of ST and got to see Star Trek tonight. As a total ST Virgin, the movie is incredible

wipeout: Still glowing from the goodness of the new Star Trek film, I need a power nap.
Eric VespeEricVespe: Trek was awesome! We got it before the world premeire! Eat our dust Australia!

bobbadagirl: so I got a Twitter account to say: the Star Trek movie is completely, awesomely amazing. (I am set to stunned, and still khan’t believe it.)

Massawyrm: Ho. Ly. SH*T. STAR TREK was fucking amazing.

headgeek666: holy f*ck! the new Star Trek fucking rules the universe

poshdeluxe: ZOMG!! Just saw the new star trek movie and it MELTED MY PANTS!!!!!

There you go, It’s pant-meltingly good! STAR TREK hits Irish shores on May 8th 2009