Stallone talks about Arnie Bruce Willis in 2010s The Expendables

The action stars from the 80’s are back again…

Remember the days when action stars really were action stars?  Bruce Willis had ‘Die Hard’, Arnie had ‘Terminator’, Stallone had ‘Rambo’.

Well, put away your 80’s box-sets because the big action trio of the 80’s are teaming up to appear in ‘The Expendables’

Stallone in an interview with ‘Entertainment Weekly’ revealed that the three action greats recetnly filmed thier scenes in LA. Arnie and Bruce will only be on screen for 5 minutes or less.

Sly told the magazine that the scene takes place in a church, Bruce is there to hire Stallone for a job…

“Bruce says ‘Well, there’s one other person I want to talk to before I hire you.  And then Arnold, who plays my old rival, walks in,” Stallone explains. “We have a history together. And we go back and forth and I tell him that I should have shot him a long time ago when I had the chance. Then it goes on from there. And here we are, the three of us trying to man up to one another, playing off of who we are, using our baggagein this one scene.”

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