Speed Racer Week

Raquel has served as the live-in maid for the Valdes family for 23 years. Neither truly a member of the family nor simply a servant, she inhabits an undefined space somewhere in between. Threatened when the family decides to bring on extra help, she engages in a series of increasingly frantic acts to hold on to her position.

Racing on to our screens next week is the latest film from those boys behind the Matrix, ‘Speed Racer’.

The adaptation of the classic cartoon promises an action packed family film with  jaw dropping effects and an A-list cast to boot.

To celebrate the film’s launch all next week on Movies.ie  is ‘Speed Racer Week’, dedicated to all things Speed and co.

We’ll have interviews with cast, crew and a whole lot more. Make sure you check it out!


Here’s what’s in store next week:


To launch the week, Monday will feature an exclusive competition for the film. You’ll have to check back Monday to see what we have lined up for you!


On Tuesday, we talk to Christina Ricci about her first ever action film.


On Wednesday, we go Behind the Scenes of the film to see what surprises we can find about the films innovative special effects.


On Thursday, we’ll be chatting to Mom Racer – the legendary actress Susan Sarandon.

On Friday, we talk to the films lead, Speed Racer himself: Emilie Hirsch.


‘Speed Racer’ opens in Irish cinemas this Friday, May 9th.