Slumdog Scribe pens Truckers

Slumdog scribe Simon Beaufoy linked to Terry Pratchett’s Truckers

Slumdog scribe Simon Beaufoy is reportedly planning to adapt Terry Pratchett’s Truckers as his next project.

Variety report the Oscar-winner writer is working on a film titled Truckers for DreamWorks animations.

While no details have been released regarding the story, sources suggest it is Pratchett’s Truckers based on earlier comments made by Danny Boyle, who indiciated he might want to the direct the story and that Dreamworks would bankroll it.

Truckers is the first in the Pratchett Bromeliad trilogy, featuring tiny aliens called “nomes” that live beneath a department store. When their home is threatened with demolition, they decide to get out – even though many of them don’t believe in the “outside”.