Skyline voted worst movie of 2010 of the year by Moviesie readers

We reveal the results of the worst movie plus the best documentary and best chick-flick of the year…

The results of our year end poll are in, we’ll be revealing the results every day over the silly season (because lets face it, its going to be a very slow news week).

First up was the very bitchy ‘WORST MOVIE OF 2010’ and 21.05% of you voted SKYLINE as the biggest turkey of the year. It promised so much with it’s special effects laden trailer (most of which was apparently lifted from the upcoming Battle Los Angeles) but it failed to deliver in plot. Both users and critic rated it one star when it was first released, read the Skyline reviews here.

Very close behind it was the Irish themed LEAP YEAR, which famously saw Amy Adams asking for a taxi from Wales to Ireland.
Check out the trailer below.


The worst movies of 2010 in full were
1/ Skyline – 21.05% votes
2/ Leap Year – 19.74% votes
3/ Jonah Hex – 11.84% votes
4/ The Last Airbender – 10.53% votes
5/ MacGruber – 10.53% votes
6/ Piranha 3D – 9.21% votes
7/ Predators
8/ Tooth Fairy


In the Best Chick Flick category EASY A won with 20.34% of the votes, followed by SHE’S OUT OF MY LEAGUE with 16.95% of votes and THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT 16.95% votes.

The full results of Best Chick Flick are
1/ Easy A
2/ She’s Out Of My League
3/ The Kids Are Alright
4/ It’s Complicated
5/ Going The Distance
6/ Sex & The City 2
7/ Valentines Day
8/ Charlie St Cloud
9/ Letters To Julliet
10/ Step UP 3D

In the Best Documentary category, Irish film HIS & HERS was voted in first place with 27.45% of votes, in second place was CAPITALISM : A LOVE STORY, followed by the Facebook romance documentary CATFISH with 13.73% of votes and another Irish documentary PYJAMA GIRLS came in 4th place with 11.76%, finally the Banksy documentary EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP came in fifth place.

The full results of Best Documentary are
1/ His & Hers
2/ Capitalism : A Love Story
3/ Catfish
4/ Pyjama Girls
5/ Exit Through The Gift Shop
6/ It Might Get Loud
7/ The Pipe
8/ I’m Still Here
9/ Restrepo
10/ Colony

We’ll reveal the winners of best comedy, best Irish movie, best soundtrack and the over all Best Movie of 2010 over the next few days.