Simon Pegg Speaks Out

A lovable loser, Karthik’s life changes with the help of someone who also claims to be Karthik. It’s a thrilling, soulful and romantic journey of this man’s victory against all odds.

Actor Simon Pegg has spoken out about the American remake of TV show ‘Spaced’. The British original series aired in 1999 & 2001 and was penned by Jessica Stevenson and Pegg with director by Edgar Wright at the helm for both seasons. Now it seems the American remake has been given the formal go ahead, with McG behind the sitcom being penned by former “Will & Grace” writer Adam Barr.


Unfortunately none of the original creators are being credited for the English cult-classic, though their names are being used in the press release for the remake. Pegg had this to say a few hours ago on Facebook: “It is this flagrant snub and effective vote of no confidence in the very people that created the show that has caused such affront at our end. If they don’t care about the integrity of the original, why call it Spaced? Why attempt to find some validation by including mine and Edgar’s names in the press release as if we were involved? Why not just lift the premise?”


Pegg has been busy concentrating on his movie career of a late, working  with David Schwimmer last year on ‘Run Fat Boy Run’ and this year ‘How to Lose Friends and Alienate People’. He will also star as Scotty in the J.J Abram’s ‘Star Trek’, due summer ’09.