Sherlock Holmes Is Gay

Guy Ritchie set to turn Sherlock Holmes gay

Guy Ritchie is turning Sherlock Holmes gay. The director’s new movie – based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous super-sleuth – sees Holmes engage in a homoerotic relationship with his sidekick Dr. Watson.


Robert Downey Jr. – who plays the crime-busting detective opposite Jude Law’s Doctor Watson – said: “We’re two men who happen to be room-mates, wrestle a lot and share a bed. It’s badass.”


The film, to be released in November, follows the pair’s efforts in foiling an underhand plot to destroy Britain – but Jude says the focus is as much on the couple’s personal relationship as the criminal activities.


The British actor said: “Guy wanted to make this about the relationship between Watson and Holmes. They’re both mean and complicated.”