Shane Meadows preps This is England 88

Shane Meadows confirms follow-up to This Is England ’86.

Shane Meadows has confirmed he will make a follow-up to his Channel 4 show This Is England ’86.

Speaking to the Guardian, Meadows explained: “I’ve never done a follow-up to something I’ve made as a film but there was something about This Is England, meeting Thomas Turgoose and the whole cast. We got as close as I have ever got to a family in this film.”

Channel 4’s head of drama Camilla Campbell added: “This Is England ’86 was the highest-rating original drama series launch ever seen on Channel 4 and we’re beyond excited that Shane, Warp Films and the cast have agreed to return with this feature-length drama. It is set to pull together a lot of story threads from ’86, leaving the way clear for a new series of This Is England ’90, which is currently in development.”

Filming for This Is England ’88 is expected to begin in the Spring and the drama is scheduled to air around Christmas.