Serkis Updates On Tintin Trilogy

Fresh from the fires of Mordor, Gollum talks Tintin.

The voice of Gollum (LOTRs), Andy Serkis, who is to play Captain Haddock in the Tintin trilogy has spoke about the status of the films:

The current plan is for Steven Spielberg to direct the first movie, Peter Jackson the second, and then the pair of them will join up to co-direct the third. Speaking of working with the directors he said:

“Working with the two of them together is a real joy. It’s a great relationship, really superb, two people at the top of their game kind, just having a lot of fun really. Peter’s always in control of his material, he’s got so many brilliant ideas, he’s such a visionary so they’re just bouncing off each other in a really exciting way. It’s fantastic to be around.”

He added: “I’m really excited about it. We’ve done a few (screen) tests and we’re just about to start shooting principal photography in September.”

Stop-motion filming on the first of three Tintin movies will take place in Los Angeles. According to Serkis:

“There isn’t a finished script as yet so I don’t really know exactly which way it’s going to go. We’ve had a look at some sequences and done some test sequences which may or may not be in the movie.”

EXTRAs: Andy will next be seen in a BBC adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Little Dorrit, alongside Mackenzie Crook and Dr Who’s Freema Agyeman.