Saw VI Online Game Carousel of Death

Scare your friends half to death with this Saw 6 viral thing online

The thoughts of a SAW VI movie scares us half to death, possibly for all the wrong reasons. When will it stop? Maybe this one will be a masterpiece, a work of art, offering ground-breaking cinema. But we doubt it!

Anyway, if you’re a fan of the Saw franchise, or if you just want to kill some time at work, then you might be interested in this new online viral release from Lionsgate.

The SAW 6 Carousel of Death is your chance to play as Jigsaw and his apprentices by adding your friends to the carousel and choosing their fates. Add your friends by uploading their photos or connect to the carousel through Facebook and select who you want to add from your friends list.

We’re quite disturbed by this gory game. We suggest, you only use it if you like your horror extra gory!

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SAW VI opens in Ireland on Oct 23rd 2009