Sarah Jessica Parker kicked by a cow

Sarah Jessica Parker says no to another Sex and the city sequel

Sarah Jessica Parker had a very moo-ving experience while filming her latest movie ‘Did you hear about the Morgans?’

The Sex And The City star was interviewed by Parade magazine, saying “The cow kicked me in the middle of the scene and they left it in. But I sympathised with the cow. I didn’t belong there and she knew it.”

The actress has also put doubts on a third ‘Sex and the city’ movie, talking about a follow up she said, “I hope not, for all of America’s sake. I mean, we’re lucky to have been able to manage to run around in heels on the sequel. So we’ll see what the future holds, but this one has been really fun.”

Sex and the city 2 opens in Ireland in May 2010
Did You Hear About The Morgans opens on January 1st 2010