Sam Rockwell talks Iron Man 2

Sam Rockwell talks Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2

Sam Rockwell has been speaking about his upcoming role as weapons dealer Justin Hammer in next year’s anticipated Iron Man 2.

While promoting his new comedy Gentlemen Broncos, the actor commented that filmin “was great… it was a good time, a lot of fun” he explained of his work on the blockbuster sequel. “It’s like the all-stars; like the globe-trotters or something. You know, Don Cheadle, Mickey Rourke, Gwyneth [Paltrow], Scarlett [Johansson] and Robert Downey Jr. And Sam Jackson’s there too. It does feel like you’re passing the ball with Michael Jordan and then onto Larry Bird.”

When asked what would be different this time around, Rockwell said “It’s a bigger scope. There’s a lot more action and fighting. More characters. It’s bigger and there’s a lot more to get your head around, so it’s a tougher job for [Jon] Favreau and Justin Theroux, who wrote it.”

Speaking about his character, Justin Hammer, the actor explained: “He’s a rival of Tony’s – they are competitors in the weapons industry. I team up with Michey Rourke and we decide we want to take him down and take down the Stark legacy. He’s sort of like a cousin of the Charlie’s Angels character I played. The smarmy cousin. But it’s Mickey – he does the fighting and the kicking ass in the film.”

When asked whether he would be intersted in leading his own superhero movie, Rockwell said “I would love to do something like that. It would have to be a pretty strange superhero. I would love to do that with someone like Duncan [Jones, who directed Rockwell in Moon]. Duncan and I could create something really cool. I would love to create a character like Indiana Jones or something like that.