Sally Hawkins Stars In Irish Comedy

An idyllic trip into bear country turns into a nightmare when the mini-van carrying two brothers and their partners suddenly blows a tire on a mountain road and rouses the attentions of one of the inhabiting Grizzly population. Defiantly, one of the brothers, Wall Street hot-shot Sam, pulls out a gun and kills the curious creature. Big mistake! As the group head on into the woods, the bear’s mate, a ferocious eight-foot-tall Grizzly, arrives on the scene and attacks. Trapped inside their van, fighting for their lives, the group must use their wits and every last drop of survival instinct they have to escape a fierce showdown with the claws of death!

British actress Sally Hawkins (Happy Go Lucky, Vera Drake, Little Britain) will star in the forthcoming Irish comedy film ‘Happy Ever Afters’, the feature directorial debut from writer/director Stephen Burke.

The Irish/German co-production is produced by Lesley McKimm of Newgrange Pictures (the company behind the mulit-award winning ‘Kings’) and Christine Rupert of Germany’s Tatfilm. Jane Doolan is exec producer.

Shooting is currently planned to begin in Dublin towards the end of June, with a five week period of principal photography scheduled.

Sally Hawkins can currently be seen in Mike Leigh’s latest project ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’, in Irish cinemas from Friday, April 18th.

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EXTRAs: Hawkins has appeared in three Mike Leigh films. First in ‘All or Nothing’, followed by ‘Vera Drake’ and now in cinemas ‘Happy-Go-Lucky’.