Rosamund Pike Nabs Female Lead in ONE SHOT

Actress joins Tom Cruise for adaptation of the bestselling Lee Child novel series.

Just the other day it was revealed that Hayley Atwell (‘Captain America: The First Avenger’), Alexa Davalos (‘Clash of the Titans’) and Rosamund Pike (‘Barney’s Version’) were in contention for the female lead in Christopher McQuarrie’s ‘One Shot,’ now Deadline is reporting that Pike has landed the coveted part.

The action crime thriller stars Tom Cruise as anti-hero Jack Reacher, a retired military cop who wanders the country with only his passport, bankbook, toothbrush and the clothes on his back. He finds his way into scrapes, taking the side of the underdog. ‘One Shot’ see Reacher being sucked into a mystery surrounding a lone sniper who murders five victims before being captured. Reacher discovers it’s more than a simple open-and-shut case.

Pike will be playing a local defense attorney named Helen Rodin, who works with Reacher to bring the real killers to justice.