Rip Torn Arrested Oscar Nominated Actor held on bail at 100k

When actors go bad…

Actor Rip Torn was arrested over the weekend for breaking into a bank in Salisbury, Connecticut. Torn was reportedly highly intoxicated and carrying a loaded revolver.

The Emmy Award Winning, Oscar-Nominated actor smashed a window to enter the Litchfield Bancorp building, and was quickly arrested by state police. Mark E. Macomber, President/CEO of Litchfield Bancorp in Connecticut, told celebrity gossip site TMZ that he didn’t believe Torn was trying to hurt anyone or steal anything, authorities in Connecticut told Macomber that Torn was found lying on the floor. He said cops believe Torn thought he was in his own house.

The full details as to why Torn broke into the bank have not yet surfaced. Torn is currently being held on $100k bail at North Canaan and has been charged with: First-degree burglary, First-degree criminal trespass, Carrying a pistol without a permit, Carrying a firearm while intoxicated and third-degree criminal mischief.

This is not the first time the Wonderboys actor has had a run in with the law, his previous encounters even made Youtube.

Check out this Youtube video of a previous arrest