Ricky Gervais Confession Box Adverts

Ricky Gervais – Coming To A Church Near You!

Church goers could be in for a surprise next Sunday when instead of being greeted by the local priest, they’ll be greeted by Ricky Gervais’ smiling face. Universal Pictures today announced a campaign that could see the new Ricky Gervais movie ‘The Invention Of Lying’ advertised in church confession boxes.

Confession box advertising is a new medium allowing advertisers to target churchgoers in the confession box environment. According to the media pack, the formats have been developed in conjunction with the relevant church authorities. Universal Ireland have announced “we are delighted to be involved in launching this new media first, as we are confident that audiences for THE INVENTION OF LYING will appreciate the inherent humorous synergy between the film and the advertising environment”.


Of-course, it could all be a clever viral campaign, you decide…

The Invention Of Lying opens in Ireland on October 2nd 2009