Richard Roxburgh and Radha Mitchell Will Go LOOKING FOR GRACE

Production kicks off this week…

Australian stars Richard Roxburgh (‘Rake,’ ‘Moulin Rouge’) and Radha Mitchell (‘Silent Hill,’ ‘Pitch Black’) are leading ‘Looking for Grace,’ the new film from ‘Japanese Story’ writer/director Sue Brooks.

The film follows Dan and Denise, a couple on a journey across Western Australia’s wheat belt to track down their 14-year-old daughter (played by newcomer Odessa Young) who ran away to see her favourite band. Along the way, Grace, Dan and Denise learn that life is often confusing and arbitrary, where in a heartbeat, the hand of fate will change their lives forever.

Other notable cast include husband and wife Terry Norris (‘Paper Planes’) and Julia Blake (‘Travelling North’), and Tasma Walton (‘Mystery Road’).

Producers include Lizzette Atkins, Sue Taylor and Alison Tilson. Antonio and Benjamin Zeccola of Palace Films will serve as executive producers.

“Looking For Grace is a story about ordinary people going through some extraordinary moments,” said Atkins. “Sue Brooks has written a beautiful script that is intriguing, moving and engaging, and which will be brought to the screen by a wonderful cast of fine Australian actors.”