Richard Curtis joins Doctor Who for 2010 season

Will it be four time-lords and a tardis – when the Love Actually director takes over Doctor Who for an episode?

Richard Curtis, the man behind Four Weddings, The Boat That Rocked and Bridget Jones is to write an episode for the upcoming season of Doctor Who.

His agent confirmed that he signed up to write one script because his family were big fans of the time lord. The Mr. Bean creator told the Sun newspaper that writing the script was “tremendously good fun and a treat for my children… these days the things you can watch together as a family are much fewer… so when you get something like Doctor Who or the X Factor, it is such a pleasure to sit down as a family”.

The man behind Blackadder has also revealed that he is working on a new film about time travel and that he’s fascinated by the subject. “Maybe it’s a desire to get out of being old. Sometimes you do just love the idea that you could go back in time and change things.”

Curtis’ episode will be seen as part of the new Doctor Who, played by Matt Smith in summer 2010.