Ricardo de Montreuil in Talks for ZORRO REBORN

Director in talks for futuristic reboot.

Variety reports that director Ricardo de Montreuil (‘Máncora,’ ‘La mujer de mi hermano’) has emerged as a contender to helm ‘Zorro Reborn,’ 20th Century Fox’s upcoming “futuristic reboot” of the masked avenger.

The Peruvian director, who is best known for directing the short film ‘The Raven,’ is currently set to direct the screen test for the reboot’s likely star, Gael Garcia Bernal.

As previously reported, ‘Zorro Reborn’ aims to radically reinvent the mythology and will find the masked avenger in a desolate post-apocalyptic world “bent on getting revenge against an evil tyrant and his gang of mercenaries.”

Montreuil would be directing from the most recent draft which was penned by ‘Harker’ scribes Lee Shipman and Brian McGreevy.

You can check out Montreuill’s short ‘The Raven’ below.