Pineapple Express 2 on the way

Will James Franco/Seth Rogen light up another…

Evan Goldberg has suggested that a Pineapple Express 2 may be on the way.

The Green Hornet screenwriter spoke to reporters about the possibility of a crossover sequel for Pineapple Express and Superbad.

“Well, we toyed with that idea right after Pineapple came out. We thought that people would enjoy McLovin and Franco together; but we’re never going to touch Superbad ever again, that’s a terrible idea,” said Goldberg. “I’m even hesitant to make Pineapple 2, but I’m loosening up to it as of, like, the last few weeks.”

Goldberg continued: “Everyone has always wanted to do it. Me and Seth [Rogen] were very hesitant, but frankly I was the driving force behind that hesitancy… Great, great films don’t have sequels.”

The Green Hornet opens in theatres this weekend.