Paul Feig Developing A Comedy For Jon Hamm

‘Feaks and Greeks’ creator Paul Feig developing a comedic vehicle for ‘Mad Men’s John Hamm.

While promoting his new movie, ‘Bridesmaids,’ director Paul Feig revealed to 24 Frames that he is developing a comedic vehicle for John Hamm, who the director describes as a “comedy nerd.”

Most people will know John Hamm from the tv series ‘Mad Men,’ where he plays Don Draper or movies like ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still,’ or ‘The Town,’ where he plays Special Agent Adam Frawley. But something that most people are not aware of, is that the actor is actually a very funny guy and loves doing comedy. Hamm proved his comedic chops with his recurring role on ’30 Rock,’ and his three successful hosting gigs on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ The actor has a supporting role in Feig’s ‘Bridesmaids’ and reviews from SXSW have said that the actor is great in his comedic role.

Feig praised the actor’s abilities:

“[Hamm] is such a comedy nerd. He will quote lines from Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy. You’re quoting something even I can’t quote! He’s always wanted to do comedy. One of the next things I’m developing a project for him to star in. I think he’s so funny. He’s like Cary Grant to me.”

Hamm will be seen next in Zach Snyder’s ‘Sucker Punch.’ Paul Feig’s ‘Bridesmaids’ opens in Irish cinemas June 24th.