Paranormal Activity Sequel for 2010

The most profitable film of all time is planning a sequel…

There is no stopping the runaway success of Paranormal Activity, filmed on a shoe-string budget, it has now become the most profitable movies of all time. The low production costs of $15,000 have made it the most profitable film of all time, giving a 434,000 percent return on investment.  Previously ‘The Blair Witch Project’ held the record for the most profitable film, it was made for $60,000 but went on to make $248.6 million worldwide.  

The success of Paranormal Activity took the movie industry by surprise, its slow paced roll-out beat ‘Saw VI’ at the box office, so naturally Hollywood is already planning a sequel. Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman has said that surprise hits like this come along very rarely. Talking about how any sequel would lack the same element of suprise Dauman said “It will be key to craft a smart approach to a sequel. Our team will come up with the right creative and marketing approach to make sure we benefit from a sequel”. Dauman also acknowledged how tough it will be to replicate the success, by pointing out comparisons with the sequel to ‘The Blair Witch Project’, another low-cost, high-boxoffice film, which suffered when it’s sequel was released.

Paranormal Activity is released in Ireland on November 28th