Well its the end of the week, and while we have kept you up to date with what’s going on in the world of entertainment, some little bits have been left by the wayside. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the little nuggets we have collected together for you.. Enjoy the weekend!

 Jon Turteltaub, director of ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice‘ and the ‘National Treasure‘ movies is in talks to direct and produce ‘Unreasonable Doubt‘ according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The movie, a romantic comedy, centers around two jurors who fall in love during a court case. The screenplay was written by Marc Klein, who previously wrote the screenplays for ‘A Good Year’ and ‘Serendipity.’


 James Vanderbilt (‘The Losers,’ ‘Zodiac’) has already begun scripting a sequel to Marc Webb’s ‘The Amazing Spider-Man.’ According to Heat Vision, the screenwriter, who penned Webb’s reboot, had a meeting with the Spider-Man filmmakers and studio execs yesterday outlining his take, getting a thumbs up, and will now begin writing. Vanderbilt also wrote the upcoming ‘Total Recall‘ remake.


 ‘Private Parts‘ director, Betty Thomas, is in talks to direct ‘Desperados.’ The comedy will star Isla Fisher as ”a woman who sends an indignant email to her new beau, who has gone silent after they have sex, only to discover he’s comatose in a Mexican hospital. Panicking, she races south of the border with her friends in tow to intercept the email before he recovers.” 


 Screenwriters David Levien and Brian Koppelman (‘Ocean’s Thirteen,’ ‘Rounders’) are now working on ‘National Treasure 3‘ for Jerry Bruckheimer. The duo, who also wrote and directed 2001’s ‘Knockaround Guys‘ starring Vin Diesel, have just finished the screenplay for their next film to direct. An adaptation of Levien’s book ‘City Of The Sun.’

The book centers around parents who hire an ex-cop with a checkered past to find their kidnapped son. They end up coming against a depraved real estate tycoon who has hands in all kinds of illegal business.


 Talking to MTV, Actress Eva Green (‘Casino Royale,’ ‘The Dreamers’) revealed how her portrayal of the character Angelique in Tim Burton’s big screen version of ‘Dark Shadows‘ will be a far different version to what fans know from the 60’s gothic soap opera ‘Dark Shadows.’

“I haven’t seen the TV series, but from what I’ve seen on the Internet, it’s very different. My character is very different. She’s American, blonde, cool, in the ’70s. She is this sexy witch, very powerful in town, she’s very cool. She has many faces.”

Green also decribed Burton’s approach with the movie, saying “It’s something that he’s never done, I think. It’s much more focused on the actors. It could almost be a play…The script is very powerful and funny. [Angelique’s] relationship with Barnabas, that ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf’ relationship, very love-hate — it’s very funny.”


 Billy Bob Thornton is officially in talks for a sequel to 2003’s ‘Bad Santa.’ A spokesperson for The Weinstein Company confirmed the talks by saying, “Everyone loves the character and Billy Bob’s excited to be in talks with us.” Thornton has made no secret of his desire to reprise his role of the foul-mouthed, alcoholic, safe-cracking Willie T. Stokes. It is unknown at the moment if director Terry Zwigoff will be returning.


 Below is the trailer for ‘The Bang Bang Club,’ a political drama starring Ryan Phillipe, Taylor Kitsch and Malin Akerman. Based on the real life story of a group of four young combat photographers situated in post-Apartheid South Africa.


 The trailer for ‘Beautiful Boy‘ starring Maria Bello And Michael Sheen has arrived via Yahoo! The drama centers around Kate and Bill, who hopelessly try to find some hint of an explanation after finding out that their only son committed a mass shooting at his university before taking his own life.


 The second teaser for Darren Bousman’s ‘11-11-11.’ A horror-thriller set on 11:11 on the 11th day of the 11th month and concerning a entity from another world that enters the earthly realm through Heaven’s 11th gate.


 Liv Tyler has addressed reports that she is to return for a ‘Strangers‘ sequel, “I don’t know anything about…they’ve been talking about it forever and I know there is a screenplay that Bryan Bertino wrote which I’ve read part of but not the whole…I don’t know if it’s ever going to happen. Bryan is not directing it and I’m not really in it. I’d have to decide, but it’s not about me.” The actress also says that she has not been contacted by anyone to reprise her role of Arwen in the upcoming ‘The Hobbit.’


 ‘Resident Evil 5‘ will see the return of Jill Valentine. Actress Sienna Guillory revealed her return to the Resident Evil franchise via her Twitter account, with this humourous tweet:

“RE:5 alert! Training begins! I aim to mostly put less in the big hole on the front of my face than comes out of the little one on my arse.”


 Judd Apatow is to produce, but not direct, the new comedy ‘Do Gooders.’ The story centers on a group of actors who are quick to help out those in need for a worthy cause. Further plot details haven’t emerged.


 In an interview with MTV, ‘The Fighter‘ director David O. Russell has revealed he is interested in continuing the story of Irish” Micky Ward with a second movie. Mark Wahlberg has previously shown interest in a sequel that would focus on his character’s trio of epic fights with Arturo Gatti.

Russell says, “I think that would be awesome. I just love those characters and I think we could do a lot of fun and interesting stuff… I would do it whenever anyone says they’re ready, I’m ready to write it” he says and insists he’d have to be a part of any writing on the project. I think Micky’s story has a lot of heart whichever way you cut it. You’d go towards the Gatti fights and you could go into the history of the family more. I really like the sisters.”


 Want something to do on your lunchbreak? Head over to Pica-Pic and play some retro handheld games. But be warned, once you start playing you might not be able to drag yourself away from them. Some of the games you will find on the site include, Donkey Kong Jr, The Terminator, and Bartman. A Zelda handheld is coming soon. 


 THR reports that Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to announce the first details of his new TV series. The project, which is being kept under wraps, will be revealed April 4th at MIPTV (a content market for co-producing, buying, selling, financing and distributing entertainment content.). Reps for Schwarzenegger  — who recently announced he planned a return to movies — said only that Schwarzenegger was involved in an “international TV series.” We


 There have been rumours of ‘Twilight‘ actor Robert Pattinson been eyed to take on the role of Matt Murdock aka Daredevil now that David Slade has taken the reigns of the ‘Daredevil‘ reboot. The director has come out and said the following:

“So without breaking confidentiality, yes Daredevil, we have a great outline for a very strong character driven take on Mr Matt Murdock. It will bare no relation to the previous Daredevil movie in any way. We are at early planning stages and have not yet discussed any cast.”

Slade himself has also been subject to rumours, with the director being linked with ‘The Wolverine‘ and ‘Deadpool.’ The director shot down these rumours saying “there have been no discussions” about “The Wolverine” and as for “Deadpool”, he “was never engaged in the (quite fantastic) script, last I heard studio was looking at comedy directors. None of my business.”


 Actor and lead singer with Thirty Seconds to Mars, Jared Leto, has signed on to narrate ‘TT3D: Closer to the Edge,’ a 3D movie about the TT, the world-famous annual motorcycle race that takes place on the Isle of Man, reports THR.

Leto said the movie “celebrates this infamous event and the legendary spirit of the men and women who push themselves beyond the limit to places few could even imagine.”

Directed by Richard de Aragues, the film follows Guy Martin and Ian Hutchinson, two of the riders in last year’s race with contrasting styles. Martin is billed as a lovable rogue who doesn’t play by the rules while Hutchinson is dedicated, focused and works hard to stay at the top.

See a trailer for ‘TT3D: Closer to the Edge‘ HERE


 Our first look at Roman Polanski’s ‘  Originally titled ‘God of Carnage,’ the story follows two sets of parents who meet after their children get into a fight at school. The couples argue and later get involved in each others’ lives. The movie is an adaptation of the Tony Award-winning play by Yasmina Reza.

Empire recently talked to Foster, and the actress revealed that the movie may not be the dark and deadly seriousness that we would normally expect from Polanski, saying “It all happens in real-time, so it’s about an hour and 45 minutes of negotiation between two sets of parents and how it all falls apart,” she said. “Kind of like Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?, but a little funnier. There’s a lot of wit.”

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 Along with the release of a new still from ‘X-Men: First Class,’ Edi Gathegi, who plays Darwin/Armando Muñoz in the movie has explained his character’s rather interesting powers.

“My character’s mutant ability is reactive adaptation. For instance if I fall from a building my bones turn to rubber. Or if the lights go out I have perfect vision in the pitch black. Or if I happen to get catapulted into outer space, my body no longer requires oxygen. That sort of thing. And the list is as extensive as the need to survive”

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 The official poster for sci-fi comedy ‘Attack the Block.’ The movie is the directorial debut of Joe Cornish. You can view the official trailer HERE.

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