No Vampires For Ellis Informers

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The highly anticipated film adaptation of American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis’ 1995 novel ‘The Informers’ – about the undead lurking among the beautiful but empty denizens of 80s LA – will not contain any vampires or zombies, reports IGN.


In a recent interview, Jon Foster who plays Graham, the son of a Hollywood movie exec (Billy Bob Thornton) made the shocking revelation that there are no creatures from the dead the upcoming adaptation.


“There are no more vampires. They took the vampires out. There are no zombies or monsters either,” he announces. “This is more about the narcissistic side of people’s characters. God knows why they took the vampire characters out. I can’t say if I was pleased or displeased, that is just the way it is.”

Superman Returns star Brandon Routh was reportedly cast as the lead vampire from the book, now it appears the actor has been axed altogether.

The Informers will also star Kim Bassinger, Mickey Rourke, Amber Heard and Winona Ryder in the story that takes place in Los Angeles in 1983. It also marks the last film that will feature Brad Renfro who died after a drug overdose in January.


TIDBIT:  This is the fourth Bret Easton Ellis adaptation to hit the big screen with ‘American Psycho’, ‘The Rules of Attraction’ and ‘Less Than Zero’ all considered faithful adaptations. We can also expect to see his semi-autobiographical novel ‘Lunar Park’ in cinemas 2009.